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Social Media From Year To Year

In the early year of internet Social Media, maybe we can still remember about The Well in 1985, and than comes The and Geocities on 1994. A year after the Globe and Geocities than comes on 1995, and I ever use Geocities and Tripod at that time. All of these sites are likely blog site. Not same like Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus that we know now.

Social Media
Social Media
And than the scheme of Social Media turn into an email linking, people interact and link to each other using their email address, some of this type of sites are on 1995 and on 1997. has become more innovative as they are already made a friend list feature and user profile page.

On 2002 launch. This social media really hit the market, Friendster become famous only in the short time. Lots of people using it. Even the celebrities use this social media page.

Friendster has lot of feature, status and comment page, photo album, message, and also games(web based games). This feature make the Friendster user is lot more easy to interact each other. Share photos, link, news, and updating their recent activities. A year later, and launch. And more focusing for musicians and entertainer users. Lot of new coming band use MySpace to promote their band and their music, and its work. They get well known after that. And so the already-famaous-band. They also use MySpace, to announce their release dates, tour dates, and stream their latest singles. more focusing for professional users. And than Linkedln become the famous place for a company to hire their candidates. And until now, Linkedln is still the best place for a professional users.

On 2006 is launch worldwide. Facebook bring tons of innovative feature that none of social media have before. Good profile page, Like, Send, Share feature, photo album, and lots more. Users exodus to Facebook. Yes… million users registered on the early day of Facebook. And Facebook have it all, a best place for musician or entertainer, a best place for professional, and also a best place for personal user. And also on 2006, Twitter launch. And most people says Twitter is Facebook competitor. Twitter is more simple, if you are in Twitter, you will not have a complete profile page as Facebook does, if you want to write a status, it just only 140 characters. Even you can not write a full complete bio, as it is also characters limited. And there is no photo album. You can share a photo, even a video but it will not kept on a permanent special page just like on Facebook. But Twitter now has made an innovation, so you can download your own tweets, photos, videos,..etc. but I never try it.

I already wrote about the different between Twitter and Facebook before. So I think I don’t need to explain more about this now-famous-social-media. And than on 2011 Google, the internet giant also create their own social media named Google Plus or Google+ or G+. Not much different with Facebook. On Google plus there’s a “Hangout” feature that attract users to register and use Google Plus. Google Plus now is the big three biggest social media in the internet.

And let’s see other type of social media that also had millions of registered users, but maybe not as famous as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Let’s see, Digg, Reddit, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more. All of them can keep user to using them.

From time to time, year to year. I can see the same feature of social media. Connected, and interact with each others, sharing something and showing something is an additional features that are directly include in it. For personal user, keep make it fun, for professional user, keep make it straight to the point, and so for musicians and entertainer.

Title Post: Social Media From Year To Year
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